Crafted at the foothills of the Julian Alps

Nearly 30 years worth of know-how, pioneering spirit and attention to detail dwell in a small factory in the green city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

About Ziggi
About Ziggi

Year: 1991.
Place: Ljubljana.
Situation: Lots of papers, no filter tips.

And then a young Rasta called Ziggi showed up on the scene. His solution may seem obvious now, but fundamentally shook up the smoking scene back then. Ziggi started manufacturing his own filter tips. First just for himself, then for his friends as well. As everyone started asking for them, he knew he was on to something big. He beefed up the production, branding them as Ziggi's Filter Tips. They were an instant success and he never looked back.

The team and the product line kept expanding and setting new goals. Driven by our own rolling experience, combined with our burning desire to blaze a trail in the search for innovative rolling solutions, we set our own standard for all of the products coming out of our factory in Ljubljana. We call it High Grade Equipment, and it stands for rolling equipment of the ultimate quality, delivering a superior user experience, while minimizing the environmental footprint.


What goes inside of our Ziggi products is of the utmost importance to us, which is why all of the materials used in the production of Ziggi Rolling Papers are certified and obtained only from sustainable resources from within the European Union.

Bureau Veritas

Ziggi products are manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard.

FSC Certified

All of our products are FSC Certified, meaning that our materials meet superior environmental and social standards, helping to preserve and protect the Earth’s forests.

Enjoy rolling with style

Rolling with style translates to using the ultimate rolling equipment, that makes your experience full of style. From rolling the filter tip without any hiccups, tearing the rolling paper without any worries, to having the freedom to roll on the go. We have your back. In style.

Rolling with style