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We are committed to providing environmentally conscious High Grade Equipment, while sending positive vibes Earthwide.

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Ziggi rolling papers

Ziggi Papers are made with the finest locally and ethically sourced materials and ingredients with a hyper-focus on minimising environmental footprint throughout our operations.
Our products are manufactured and come to you with the highest levels of European production standard certifications.
Whatever your preference is on paper type and size, we’ve got you!

Arabic Gum

arabic gum

Gum Arabic is a natural product derived from the Gum Arabic Tree (Acacia senegal). Gum Arabic is widely used in the food industry and has been approved by the FDA and the EFSA as a food additive. Due to its quality and purity, Gum Arabic is used as an adhesive in all Ziggi Papers and filter tips, thus providing the highest possible quality and assuring the safet of our customers.

Filter Tips


Our filter tips or Ziggis, as we like to call them, are made of high-quality, certified materials. Delivering a superior user experience, they have garnered a reputation over the years as the best Filter Tips in the industry.

Rolling paper


Ziggi Rolling Papers are made from certified materials, using state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees even burning, without the use of any unnecessary additives.

Paper types

Ultra Thin Badge Ultra Thin

Ultra thin

Our ULTRA THIN line features a special blend of thin and transparent high grade rolling paper (13 g/m2), ensuring a flawless rolling experience.

Ultra Thin Badge Ultra Thin


Our HEMP line contains paper manufactured from all-natural industrial hemp. The paper (13 g/m2) is light and soft, delivering satisfaction to even the most demanding of users.

Ziggi Hemp Badge Hemp
Ziggi Hemp Badge Hemp
Ziggi Ital Badge Ital


The products from our ITAL line are made entirely from unbleached, unrefined, virgin pulp paper. Less processing and maximum biodegradability combine to result in a highly eco-conscious product, which minimizes the potential negative impact on the environment. The light weight (13 g/m2) and firm structure of the paper provide a super smooth rolling experience. Putting your environmental conscience at ease.

Ziggi Ital Badge Ital

Paper sizes

one one quarter King size Roll
Paper size

Booklet models

Ziggi URS


Urs 3-in-1/ ultimate rolling solution

This patented booklet design features papers and filter tips, with the booklet folding into a convenient and reusable rolling tray.

Patents: US 9078469 B2; CA 2773684 C; EP 2 440 075 B1;

Model: EM 001155873

Ziggi Classic


Our classic model line

CLASSIC is the quintessential booklet, which includes papers and filter tips for your convenience and ease of use.

Ziggi Roll

Classic roll

Our classic model line

Our CLASSIC ROLL packs a super one-two punch of convenience and practical design. Each roll box includes 420 cm of paper and 40x filter tips. One can choose the size of their adventure, and it's all conveniently packed into a small and practical box.

Pioneering since 1991

Making top-notch rolling papers may seem like a straightforward job, but we've been doing it for far too long to not take it super seriously.